Provincial Government

Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment

Gandaki Province, Pokhara

Acts, Laws, Directives

S.N. File Name Upoad Date File Size Download
1आ.व. २०७५।०७६ का ऐन, नियम तथा कार्यविधिहरुको संगालो ।2019-09-111.69 MB Download
2Commerce & Supply Guideline 20752019-03-283.47 MB Download
3Forest and Watershed Management Policy 2075_Final7.16 MB Download
4Directives Regarding Grant for Tourism Development and Infrastructure Management in Homestay2018-11-142.03 MB Download
5Homestay Directives, 20752018-10-282.38 MB Download
6ढुंगा,गिट्टी,बालुवा उत्खनन, संकलन,क्रसिंग र बिक्रिवितरण तथा क्रसर उद्योग स्थापना र संचालनलाई ब्यवस्थित गर्ने कार्यविधि,२०७५2018-08-251.03 MB Download

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